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You are Beautiful.. Beautiful 😘

This goes out to all the mamas and young girls out there, ya you!! So often we feel we are not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, skinny enough, or whatever enough. Often our self talk can be negative, so lets turn those negatives into positives!! So lets focus on what we can do rather that what we cant change!!

The other day i was talking to a friend, who has a one and half year old son and two daughters. She was very discouraged with her body and the changes pregnancy has caused her. All i could think of was what a beautiful and courageous mother, dedicated to her family, and such a hard working friend!! She commented she had gotten some negative remarks about these changes. i was so surprised that Sometimes our close friends can discourage us, maybe it’s because they feel insecure about themselves or are just very critical. Whatever the case it is not ok!! So my advise to you; dont listen to that!!  We of course told her she is a beautiful woman!!

I thought of the many women out there that probably feel the same way!! Sometimes we ourselves have felt alittle discouraged but take heart, you as a women, mother, daughter, sister and whatever role you play are a beautiful individual!!  And we as mothers, daughters, sisters can encourage one another.. and make sure to let the women in our life feel special!!  We can tell them they are, “Beautiful”

There are many reasons our bodies can make significant changes.  One big change can be due to pregnancy, the changes it brings can cause us to look alittle different than our prepregnancy years. Our hormones and DNA can also cause changes to our bodies too.  It is ok, we may not be able to change this but we can deal with it.. embrace it.. embrace the cellulite!!  If we exercise and we cant change it, embrace it!!

So Sometimes we may look at ourselves and say and feel discouraged!! So if diet and exercise isn’t helping you with stretch marks and extra skin or cellulite, remember you are loved, not necesarily because of what you look like but who you are on the inside..

Focus on what you have!!  Something we can work on and change are qualities of the heart or our work on those! We can work on Kindness, compassion, patience, being more loving.. and remember there are so so many reasons to feel loved!! some things we can ask ourselves can be, are you kind? compassionate? and loving? what qualities do others value in you? Focus on that.. not on your stretch marks, wrinkles, or whatever flaw you think you may possess. A lot of times we are our worst critic!! A lot of times its not that bad, and things may improve with time. So If your stretch marks are still fresh/red, know they will change color eventually but the point of the matter is, dont focus on that. When we think of our children and how much they love us, is it because of the way we look? Probably not, do they care about marks, wrinkles, or even any handles we could possess? Probably not!! They love us for who we are, what we do, and most importantly because we are their mothers!!

 It’s is however important  to be balanced and not have a conceited view of ourselves. we should love ourselves to a certain degree but not overly so that we think we are the best thing on!!  That wouldn’t be a great thing either, most people do not like to be around people who have a proud and selfish attitude of this type either!!  So we will try to stay away from that!! Lol!!

A great help can be to make changes in our choice of clothing. We should choose clothing types that will not showcase our flaws. So do that!! It’s a simple change but can make a big difference!!

Clothing Size does Matter: choose whats right for you..

How often do we outgrow clothing especially after pregnancy, we want to get back into our pregnancy wardrobe.. for some its awesome when they can do it right away, for me it took awhile.. so find clothing that makes you feel good about yourself… dont look at size but how it fits and how it makes you feel.. dont look at the size and say wow i look like a whale.. but its because were forcing ourself into the wrong size!!! ..please dont focus on your flaws.. size matters in that you should choose clothing that is right for you. If now your alittle bigger on top because you’re now a nursing mother choose darker colors.   Darker colors always help our appearance.. also watch bagginess in our clothing, i personally like wearing tops that are a bit more fitted, why because it looks better on me.  I find that size is just a number  i want to wear what feels right for me.. sometimes that’s a 4, sometimes its a 6 and some brands and dresses a 10…its not about the number.. I like a little room in stretchy dresses so sometimes i choose a larger size, adds length to the hem as well.

For the young gals out there, fads come and go but you and your personality can always continue to grow and mature. So focus on that!!  I personally love the classical style of dress….and love the idea of working with what you have.. there are styles that accentuate our body figure or adds extra pounds, which does the opposite. So dress according to our shape, not fads!! I have types of clothing that will not look good on me, there’s also colors that will not help me either depending on style of the garment!!

I often find i admire people like JLo not because she’s very beautiful but she knows what works for her body type and accentuates her positives. So ask what that is for you!  Can that be your hair, makeup, or your eyes. Then in time especially for the mamas everything else will follow.. Especially your self-esteem!!  So experiment  and have fun shopping for you!!

But in all this remember you are beautiful… make it your saying.!!  You are Beautiful!!

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