Crazy Stormy Weather, this is the Maine way!!

As the week draws to a close, so many exciting things are happening or not this weekend!! Like a friend’s wedding, the big patriots game on Sunday and you guessed it a massive snow storm heading our way!! We haven’t had that many snow storms and totals have been below average for the year!! This one is  being called the “biggie” so it could be the biggest snow storm for us thus far, an interesting factor being possible sleet and freezing rain and frigid temps!, So definitely important to have emergency kit ready 🙂 sound like we will be snowed in Sunday and Monday with 1-2 ft+snow coming our way with Arctic air to top it off!!

So the excitement around here begins!! I love the way the weather  forecaster Keith on WCSH6 described our winters, with positive sentiments the other day! He even enjoyed being one with the weather when he can feel the temp, cold as they have been… lol It’s so true Mainers are accustomed to these weather events!! So often we simply adjust accordingly!! I’m pretty proud of that! Most people know how to handle these things.. Keith also mentioned something like we just plow, shovel, or snowblow and get ready for the next one!! No  big deal!! I absolutely Love it!! ITS so true!!

Our roads are well cared for, kuddos to our awesome plow drivers!! They do an awesome job on the roads and work tirelessly for our safety and transportation needs!!

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I’m glad my hubby does our snow blowing!! He does our driveway and sidewalk!! If I had to I guess I would need to.. lol!! Maybe I should take a lesson someday lol! I sometimes see women doing their one neighborhood I saw many people including an older lady helping her husband help clean up! I was impressed!! Aww..kuddos to them too!!


These Mainers are really quite resilient! Many prepare for possible power outages especially living in the country..For some it means buying extra water,, and groceries in case of loss of electricity!! And the crazy part is it’s no big deal,  Lol!! This was way new for me when I first moved here!! My in-laws would lose their power all the time even in the summer,  they lived in western Maine in Milton township!! What!! 🤔 hmm.. it sounded like scene right out of little house on the prairie …so glad my family and I live in the city because we don’t have to deal with it very often!! We rarely lose power, once we lost it for an hr, that was it…Not bad!! Yay!! This of course will change next winter when we move out of town!! Yes maybe alittle nervous, but I live a seasoned Mainer.. yess…

I was super worried about my friend and her wedding but I know she WILL get her fairy tale wedding!! It may not be this weekend but she will have her special day!!  (Yes, the update was the wedding will be the following weekend)

As for the game, Hope the Pats win and if we’re snowed in hopefully we can watch the game and not lose satellite signal or anything!! Lol!! We have a generator just in case we lose power, so that’s good!  We will be trying to listen on the radio as a plan b.. 😉 hope that doesn’t happen…hahaha!! if you can make it to my house friends, you are welcome to watch or listen with us!! Lol!!

So this weekend is so full of excitement!! We will see what adventures this storm brings, Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend wherever you may be found!! Stay tuned for an update on the storm!! lol!

Enjoy the snow friends, stay warm 🙂

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