Wickedly Delightful Snowy Spring Walk, beautiful scenes along the lake!!

Wicked Maine weather, gotta love snowy spring scenes!!  Yesterday’s snow was probably the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen, so awesome!! It was like three in one!!



Walk along the Lake




Family outings/ All Season walkers!

Why not be all season walkers!! It is just wonderful, delightful to get out especially in snowy weather.., rainy weather…cold weather and even cold weather!!  This outing was definitely wet, cold but simply delightful!! Wearing the right gear will protect you and keep you dry!!  Because it was a spring storm, as the snow hit the ground it because very slushy.. it was important to wear waterproof boots… i loved my boots!! My poor kids wore sneakers, they didn’t want to wear their boots.. oops.. well they had fun even though they had wet cold feet!!

Enjoy your walk & weather!!

Its like the best time to get outside and take walks to break up the monotony of being at home!! Practicing social distancing of course and being careful not to be around a lot of people!! A good idea is to Wear or bring along a mask in case you come across a crowd. Best wishes and have fun, hope your well and stay safe!!

Thanks for visiting, following along and liking my content!! Have an absolutely wonderful day!!







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