Excited to Prep for Bruno’s invisible dog fence!!



Today the hubby picked up the last piece needed to put in Bruno’s invisible dog fence, a lawn edger!! This is our first time doing a project like this, so wish us luck!! Well be covering over an acre and a half wire!! We walked it today and boy o boy there is a lot of leaves!!


Items needed,

      1. Lawn Edger: we rented ours at a local equipment  rental store!! $45 dollar weekend rate!!

    1. 14  gauge wire: we chose this sturdier wire for areas you can’t dig and to be weather resist!

3.  Electric fence system: we choose the battery replacement option but rechargeable was a great option too!!

Wish us the best, I think it’s going to be a big job!!   Stay tuned with Bruno’s wonderful fence we’re putting up tomorrow!! Im already tired…..lol😂  Have a wonderful day!

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