Glorious Maine Morning!!



Wow!!  It’s going to be in the 60’s as a high today!! Yay!! It’s reason to celebrate here in New England due to the long long winter months and what seems like to many an eternity!! Like i said i really enjoy winter, but this morning seems so nice…and the thought that it will warming up throughout the day is a good one… Ill take it!!  Spring has finally sprung!!! There’s something so special about the sun, not only is it because it aids in vitamin d production, i think that’s what people say, but it just makes us feel happier…love that!!

Also what a beautiful sight to see the buds coming up from the’s a crocus from my yard!! Love the sun hitting it and opening up the pretty

Even the kiddos seem to be celebrating!!  Today my son wore shorts to school!! It was 44 degrees!!  He then told his sister she should wear only a sweater instead of a jacket so that she the teachers dont make her wear her coat!! To my amazement and delight when i dropped the kids of at school, the rest of the kiddos had the same mindset!! Funny!! There were a lot of boy wearin shorts and almost everyone in sweaters instead of jackets!!  Lol!! Too cute! I don’t like being cold so i made sure to wear pants!! Ok I didn’t wear a jacket either, but i thought it was chilly!! I love how our kids can influence us…lol!  And yes we made it to school so that we could spend a little time together this morning and kids could play on the playground.. so for this reason too, it was a glorious morning!!!  and now a little me time before i need to clean house 🙂 hope everyone has a wonderful day….. would love to hear about you and your weather in your neck of the woods… leave a comment….much thanks.~gisel

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