Mini Strawberry w cream short-cake

Planning a meal that involves many dishes can take up most of your preperation Time especially If your hosting a dinner for friends or a dinner party!! So having a simple dessert planned is essential!! The easier the better!! So to help make my guests feel special, I made this individualized dessert to go along with a taco meal!!! It’s easy to make, super cute and yummy! We loved it! Hope you enjoy it too!! 😋


mini Strawberry w cream short-cake
Served With mini chocolate chip cookie


861A6A13-D041-4A60-9BFC-0627B5B75E67Ready in 30mins
Serves 4-6…generous portions


Cake mix of your choice-I used Betty Crocker super moist..butter recipe yellow
Fresh Strawberries 16oz
Whipped cream
Vanilla pudding, used snack 4 pack
Mini chocolate chip cookies

You will also need a cake pan, i used a 13X9.5 and it worked great!! Also cookie cutter or biscuit cutter.. for smaller circles, you can serve your guest two mini cakes..



Prepare cake mix as directed on box
Once cake has cooled down, use cookie/biscuit cutter and cut out circles
Slice strawberries
Cut cake circles in half, fill with pudding and whipped cream and top with strawberries and whipped cream.
Plate your beautiful dessert, place your cookie beside your mini strawberry w cream cake and enjoy!! It’s super delicious, light and just right!!


Double strawberries and vanilla pudding for 8-10 servings… also you can top with chocolate shavings… for an additional special touch!!

If you like this recipe, and would love to see more like this please like or comment!! Feel free to Share!! Enjoy!! Gracias 👍 thank you!!! -gisel

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