Getting ready for a wonderful & fabulous summer??

Today is the official start of summer! So much Fun ahead so Let the good times roll for all of us!! Although many of us are still home bound why not celebrate this special day and the many days ahead!! What are your big plans or small ones for the summer?? Will you take time to hike? Bike? Fish? Go boating? Camping?? Etc.. Here are a few of our goals and how we spent today!! Go ahead hope you can do some of these also,,

Today We got out the water hose and cooled off, ate our lunch and dinner on the pallet patio set we put together! So much fun!! Feels nice to just relax!

Some of our plans for the summer include camping in July, .. putting in an air conditioning unit! That’s a must!! So Finishing projects… going hiking…when? Not sure!

One thing id like to do is Keep up with our daily exercise routine which includes walking at least 1-2.5 miles a day and hopefully have more fun with each other!! I know that I need to adjust the time we leave the house on hot day!! And that’s ok!!

Here’s an inspo for you!

And let’s not forget Alittle bit of school work and Most importantly our volunteer work too.. How about you, what are your plans?

Summer Cooking

Im hoping also to continue writing healthy recipes!! Sorry they have been slow in coming but with changed circumstances I have less time to write 🙂 thanks for your patience 🙂 so I’m hoping to work on creating recipes and posting 🙂

With this heat I’ve only been using the grill/smoker..

So today’s lunch was frozen pizza cooked on the grill with a green salad.. easy and yummy!

For dinner.. canned baked beans warmed in the crock pot, vegan biscuits cooked on the smoker at 450 for 10-20 mins., depends on your smoker.. mine was having some trouble.. but normally cooks in oven for 10-12 mins!! And coleslaw!! Our go to Saturday meal!!

What’s that yellow stuff? Our neighbors gave us duck eggs.. I just had to taste it.. it was ok.. alittle creamier than regular eggs!! Funny I haven’t had eggs for a month now so this was a little different!! So Even though I probably won’t have these again at least we can say we tasted them!!

So this was our day today, including our simple meals and goals for the summer!!   I hope you’re having an awesome day and a great kick off for the official start of summer!! Hope you can make fabulous plans for your summer even if it is in your yard! Thanks for visiting!! Have fun!!


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