5 Ways to exercise & feel awesome in the summer heat!!



It seems like summer has come upon us fast and furious, so today im giving you a few ideas so that you can beat the heat this summer and still be active?

1. Get outside early!! or Later.

The last few days have been scorchers so we decided to get our walk in early!! unfortunately by 9am it was almost 80 already … so we were out walking by 6:30am… ya and by the time it was alittle past 7am it was warming up but it was so nice to get out !!  Funny thing happened, we saw our neighbors who we normally see take a stroll around the block were already out and about too!! One couple even passed us up!! lol! Great Job!! or if your not an early bird, change up your routine to get out in the evening when sun goes down 🙂


2. Be Prepared

Bring along water and snacks, if you can bring along ice water that’s even better 🙂

3. Wear the right gear

Wear a hat, or something to cover your face. lightweight clothing, sun safe. If your walking, wearing a sundress is refreshing 🙂

4.  Bring along an umbrella if your walking

it will keep you cooler than if you didn’t have one. It sounds silly but it works, gives you instant shade!! The more you limit your skins exposure to the sun the better and cooler you’ll feel. We spent an afternoon in a hot stadium in New Jersey with thousands before, our umbrellas were life savers.. I bring one along now especially for my daughter, shes very sensitive and I love them too. 🙂

Sunscreen is also important however because I haven’t found one that is unscented that works for me I just make sure to cover up 🙂

5.Head to the beach or non Paved area.

We havent gone to the beach yet but most beaches are open so why not head out and walk at the beach!!  Maybe around around a non busy area wearing your cloth face mask and practicing social distancing?? Or running along the sand! Fun!m.  Another choice is finding a dirt trail especially near water! We love dirt trails!!

However even with this information the most important thing is knowing when to stop!!  If its too hot your body will tell you, this is the best time to acknowledge that its best to go home and try to get your exercise another time or at another part of the day.

Dehydration is not a good thing, my daughter gets a bloody nose and a headache when she overheats. Listen to your body. Heat stroke is another danger. So limit your exposure to the hot sun, and heat!!

Best wishes on your exercise fun, hope you can endure the summer heat has started here in Maine or wherever you may be found!!  You will find that if you keep active you will continue to feel amazing thruout the day! Your mind and body will thank you for it!!

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!!



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