Healthy whole wheat Pancake recipe your family will love!!

I’m so excited to share my go to Pancake recipe with you!! For many moons it was a tradition to make pancakes with my nieces: Evenina, Lily and Nicky.. I miss you girls so much but here’s a recipe you can make from afar!!

These are Always fluffy and delicious!! Healthy and adjustable! I always Make it Vegan but I’m including the recipe for everyday eaters too!!  I make these camping, and also when I’m at home and my family loves them!! I’ve just discovered that if you’re on a low fat diet, you can substitute the oil for applesauce!! What?? You betcha, And it still comes out yummy!!  Enjoy!!

1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

4 teaspoon baking baking powder

2 tablespoon honey/Maple Syrup

½ tsp salt

1 beaten egg or 1 tbsp flax seed and 3 tbsp water mixture (let sit for 5 mins)

2 to 2 1/4 cup milk- almond/coconut milk

2-4 tablespoon cooking oil/coconut oil… I like it light so I use 2..tbsp… and to lower fat even more use apple sauce..

A Dash of cinnamon optional but I always Include it and love it!!

Butter for griddle or pan, I use Country Crock plant based butter:)

add more milk to make it a thinner pancake, And a runnier consistency, depending on if you add 3 tbsp oats.for heartier pancake..

Step one.. mix dry ingredients in large bowl,

step 2. Mix wet ingredients

step 3. Mix both dry and wet together and stir, adding more milk to reach desired consistency,, I like it runny

step 4. Heat griddle to medium/high heat… add butter so pancakes don’t stick..

step 5.. using a ladle, pour pancake mixture onto griddle and make perfectly consistent pancakes.. for small pancakes just add less

step 6., if using fruit like blueberries put 3-6 berries on top …allow bubbles  to form, this  indicates the need to flip your pancake.. wait a min or two more then it’s done. For blueberry pancakes I recommend flipping one more time for a min as pancake become uneven and some parts around the berry may still be raw…

step 7. Serve with your favorite toppings!! Enjoy!,

Optional add.. 3 tbsp oats…old fashioned oats

1 cup blueberries: add after pouring pancake batter onto hot pan


1 cup strawberries-for topping

Whipped cream-or non dairy whipped cream


Pancake syrup- I recommend maple syrup its healthier and tastes much better!! Yummo!!

Makes apx 9-large pancakes

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!! And hopefully soon I can reunite with my family and have a bunch of these pancakes with you!!  Hope everyone enjoys….Thanks for visiting!! I’ll be sharing more healthy and hearty recipes with you soon!!

If you try this recipe, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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