Picture therapy!! Is there a psychology to taking pictures??



Therapy!! When you think of that word what comes to your mind? Maybe sitting in an office chair, talking with a professional? Sometimes it may even be physical therapy, or may involve some kind of therapist? You get the idea!! But what about taking pictures?   I really think this is a form of therapy!

One the things I absolutely love doing is taking pictures, I especially love taking pictures of beautiful scenery!! Here I took a picture on a bridge on the way home from horse camp! I had passed it on my way by and just had to stop!! Love the way Maine has many ponds, rivers, and streams!! I cant say that enough!! I love it!!  Funny thing about this particular place is that its off the beaten path and I took the picture on a bridge made for only two cars to drive on, one on each direction.. it wasn’t busy at all but when i was engaged in the moment i noticed a car had stopped allowing me to take this picture!! Gracias!!  so after enjoying this moment and of course done taking the picture I ran back to my car!! I gave a wave and felt so delighted to take in such a gorgeous view!! So after I wave, I go on my merry way! And now im sharing the picture with you!!

Have you noticed though how your mind and eyes and and even your body is engaged when your taking a picture, especially if you’re one that wants to get a great shot!! But also have you noticed that when you are not in the mood you dont even want to be in a picture let alone take one!! Hmm… that got me thinking that when your taking a picture, you’re looking out,  at your surroundings and not internally!! Sometimes our woes come from our emotions, stress and whatever is going on in our life and when that happens we are focused on the internal and ourselves ….which can get us stuck in a rut!! Especially if we stay in that moment and That’s not a good thing!! I do feel that there are situations in life that get us in that frame of mind, and may need a little help getting out of.  Some people however even take antidepressants which in itself is a wonderful things, which I encourage people to take if it can help you, why suffer unnecessarily!! But doing some type of therapy too is a wonderful thing!!  Of course thats a whole other topic but for this post Im writing about how taking pictures can be therapeutic, taking pictures, any even of your children or pets can be so helpful 😉  I know for me its been so therapeutic!!! I love taking pictures anyway but even more so now that I’ve become a blogger  🙂

So why  not take out your camera and get creative with your pictures and give it a shot!! Literally….Lol! What are some of the things you love??? Do you have hobbies?  Find what moves you to take a picture and if you have social media, share it with the world!! For you, not for likes? That can be a trap in itself!! But make a poster of your favorite picture!! Or just a print!! You can make a scrapbook!! Slideshow?  I love Shutterfly, where you can even make your very own personal book!!

Here’s another good reason to take on photography!! Im sure you have heard that it builds your self esteem when you can do something on your own, Like going to a movie….I heard that when i was a teenager and i can see why this could be true!! Similarly taking pictures required you and only you, unless your photographing a person or people of course but it can be done independently…. of course if you are planning to venture off, its important for you to get permission and be of age to make that decision… or if youre a young adult ask your parents to bring you somewhere, its will still be an independent hobby even if your parents are nearby!!

What you capture with your pictures can do a lot of good 😉 but have fun and get clicking 🙂

I want to assure you these are my ideas on the subject and am not a trained professional… leave me a comment or if you just want to chat, email me 🙂 thanks and have a good one!!

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