The Venice of America, a visit to Lowell Massachusetts & UMass Lowell Inn

New England has such a rich history and landmarks that tell a fascinating story of the past!!  We stayed at the Umass@Lowell Inn attending a “Be Courageous” convention in Spanish, and to our surpriese behind the hotel was this beautiful piece of history!! It was a real treat!! As you can tell the kids loved it too!!  You can see my son playing with the lock system that you can still manually open!! So much fun!!

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In one of the pictures in the slide show you can see the Lowell National Historic Park  written information about this landmark, it reads “The Venice of America

The 5.6 mile canal system was the largest in any American city, earning Lowell this title-The Venice of America.

The Pawtucket Canal was build in the 1790s to bypass the Pawtucket Falls on the Merrimack River. In the 1820’s the canal was greatly enlarged to serve as the main source of water for Lowell’s new power canals.

In front of you is

Lower Locks, the last of the Pawtucket’s Canals three lock & dam complexes”

Interestingly on this informational sign pictured is the Pawtucket falls and quote about the free flow of it, which im sure was pretty neat to see…

Although not being an architect, or engineer by any means I appreciate seeing the complexity of the stonework and bricks adjoining the buildings and surrounding areas of this canal and in building the canal!! Love seeing man made and nature combine for a specific purpose, in this case was for a canal, useful for its time and then now to enjoy its beauty and maybe even for an evening boat ride 🙂


Another joy we experienced here in Lowell was the delicious meal we had at the restaurant located inside the Umass Lowell Inn: 50 Warren Restaurant and Lounge!!  I had the best Sangria I’ve ever had here!! My husband a beer drinker, had the Longtrail Ale!! The Burgers called the 50 Warren locks Burger and Fries were ginormous and delicious too, my kiddos loved the fried onions, that was a nice touch!!! I had the Chicken Club Wrap, made with apple smoked bacon and Avocado crema which made this a yummy choice too!! We ate outside on their patio overlooking the Locks, which was so beautiful!!

So next time you’re near Boston Massachusetts or around Lowell, here’s a cute place you can visit!! Bon Apetite!!

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