Super Bowl Fun & Healthy options snack stadium!!

What an amazingly fun-filled weekend we had!! It started out with a soup party Saturday and Sunday it was the Super Bowl!! Lol!!

It’s always fun to spend time with friends and family, and it’s always awesome when patriots win the Super Bowl!! Just saying!!! I’m such a fan now that I live on the east coast!! I still have a soft spot for Seahawks though!!

We had a fun party, I’d love to share some of the highlights!! Hope they can inspire you to have a fun party too!! Hope you like them!!

Party ready, Patriots Nails & Tutu’s!

How cool is it to have your nails done up for the occasion!! Thanks to my dear friend Kathy, I must say she’s an amazing nail artist! Her nails were my inspiration, she did her own nails, my daughters nails and my nails!!!! Yay!! Gracias girl!! Love you!! Loved them!!



Another simple idea is to make party tutu’s.. I used red tulle. Red being one of the Patriots colors :).. just cut strips and tie them in slip knots onto an elastic band!! The elastic having been measured and cut then the ends sewed together to form a circle..

I try to have enough tutus for my girls at the party, it is helpful then to have extra fabric on hand to make tutu-like skirts in case you need to….you can  use a long strip of tulle bunched up and pinned for a half a skirt!! That works or a long piece of tulle tied in front like a ribbon.. that’s fun too!! Those two styles pictured!!  Either way so much fun! I got this idea when I saw a babies patriot outfit with a tutu!! It was so cute!! Why not have a little fun and cheer our team on! So if Patriots is not your team, there are many tulle colors available to make tutu’s in your team color!

My inspiration!! So cute…the one I saw a couple of years ago when I started wearing a tutu for Super Bowl parties was blue with a red tutu!! Super cute!!


Snack Stadium;

For my snack stadium I used aluminum foil pans in different sizes!! I made the general oval shape outlined with a shiny blue/silver table cloth i folded multiple times and wrapped and taped around the pans…

Pans I used were;

4 loaf pans- 8inch x3/4 in x 2 1/2 in

1 Deep Roaster Pan 11.88 in x 2.5D x 16.63 in L

4 cake pans 13 in L x 9 in w x 2 in H

My son outlined a Patriots logo on a piece of paper, we cut it out and placed in front 🙂

My stadium was placed on a piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint!! SO much fun to write on!! My daughter helped with that!! She loves Brady, Gronkowski and Edelman!!

Snack Stadium, a fun way to jazz up your spread..


Snack stadium food;

BBQ drumstick, skin on and some made with skins removed.

Dips in deep roaster pan in the center; bean layered dip, picadillo bean, and hummus

mini chicken soft tacos

Herbed roasted potatoes

salad mix


green bell peppers

Cherry tomatoes


Some of the other foods at the party not pictured in the stadium; chili, meatballs, and pizza, pasta Alfredo!!!

brownie football bites, assorted fudge!!

I loved the way everything came out!! This was my first time making a snack stadium!! This is a basic shaped one, I feel anything you add a creative spin on something it adds a special touch to your party!! If you haven’t already added one to your venue, your guests would love it!! You will too!!

Veggie love;

I love that the Added lettuce gives a nice refreshing salad bar feel!! Yay for veggies!! How often do we overindulge at Super Bowl parties?? Why not have healthy choices for ourselves and our friends!!  Add alittle veggie love to your plate!! How about Some salad to add to your soft taco? How about Adding another layer to your dip?? Nachos with alittle lettuce, why not 🙂 it’s yummy!! Make whatever you’re eating alittle more supreme!!

Next year I want to add a few other features to my Snack stadium, but I have to say I loved mine this year!! We really had an awesome time with friends, clean up was also easy because most of the food leftover were already in containers!! Who doesn’t love leftovers??  I loved having salad with veggies for days!! Not to mention meatballs, drumsticks and everything else….

So I guess now its time to wait for football season to start again next year! Thanks so much for visiting, hope you were inspired for your next Super Bowl Party!

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