Boating & Fishing, Loving everyday!!

Loving lyrics that sound similar!! Boating and fishing is one of our favorite pasttimes!! It seems like this summer has been so full trying to finish up the house but also busy with the many activities the kiddos have been interested in like Horse camp and Aerobics!! So we took the Boat out for a spin and did alittle fishing!!

We had an amazing time, it was a gorgeous night for it too, with a beautiful sunset!! Really the lake is up the road a bit!! Absolutely love it!! Not out of our way at all!!  Loving and living life for sure!!


It was Bruno’s first time on the Boat, he was alittle shaky at first but by the end of the ride he was awesome!! I think he liked it!!


The kiddos absolutely loved fishing, they both caught a White Perch!! So cute!! I tended to Bruno and of course, hubby drove the boat….

Lovin everyday!! Such a good thing!! If you fish or you dont or if you have a boat, or if you dont!! Keep smiling and enjoying life 🙂 thanks for reading!!

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