Walking, always a wonderful thing!!

Being back home from our vacation to NewYorkCity has been bittersweet, love the comforts of being home and being reunited with Bruno, our Pup, but the kiddos are now back to school and I am missing them terribly, even though its only been 3 days now!! I think i have alittle bit of separation anxiety!! Lol!!  One of the things that has helped me is reflecting on our awesome trip and reviewing our beautiful pictures and crazy time together!! Also we took a lovely walk along the lake, it was so beautiful!!

Before we went on our walk  we had to buy a new anti pull collar for Bruno!! Didn’t we have a great time taking him to Petco!! He had a wonderful time too!! He got a lot of attention!! 🙂

I hope to sign him up for some dog obedience classes either next month or October, so we got the schedule and hopefully we’ll be signing him up soon!! Isn’t he cute!! He’s about 11 months now!! His skin condition has cleared up and his coat is so shiny thanks to the Rachel Ray brand of dog food!! Yay!! I would love to use him as a therapy dog for people in nursing homes and other places if he gets the proper training, but he’s already a therapy dog around the neighborhood!! He really is a great boy!!



I love taking Walks!! We are pretty lucky to live in Maine and have such beautiful surroundings to enjoy, and im happy to say that it helped me emotionally too!! Kiddos and Bruno, as well as the hubby liked it too!! Walking is so helpful to clear our heads, get out of our environment and out of the rut our minds seem to get stick on!! Walking!! Get outdoors!! Great fun!! Here are a few pics!!

Let me know what helps you clear your mind, or where your favorite places to walk are? Thanks for reading, hope you can enjoy a walk, wherever you may be found!!

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