Frigid jog/walk along the lake!

Brrr 🥶 it’s very cold today!! It’s 27 but feels like 18!! I don’t think it’s been this cold this winter, not during the day anyway!! Brrr!! When I went out to the bus stop early this morning it seemed like I couldn’t get warm!! Brrr!!

So going for a jog wasn’t my priority!! But it became My priority just to get warm!! I thought because I’ve been feeling alittle discomfort in my plantar plate I thought I’d take it easy!! I wore my usual running gear with the addition of a heavier coat!! It was so raw feeling out that I actually had to jog to keep warm!! I jogged 1/2 mile then I could take it easy for the other half!! So today’s fun consisted of a cool morning mile of activity!! How did you do today??

Keep on trekking friends!! We have to keep each other motivated!! Hope you can get out tomorrow 🙂 we have snow on the ground and it’s so pretty!! Woo hoo!!

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