Happy First day of school!!

Hello & hope your kids had the best first day of school!! Many of Maine’s schools near us started Wednesday!! If your a stay at home mom or dad, Hope you had a great day too!!

It’s been over a year since my kiddos did in person learning & they were excited!! My son had his high school orientation & he loved having pizza, hamburgers & 3 cans of soda!! Woo hoo!! My daughter is in 6th grade & she loved seeing her friends 🙂 my son had some laughs & had crazy stories to tell!! Don’t you love school days!! 🙂 what stories did your kids come home with?

Bruno had pick up duty with me yesterday, I decided to drop both my kids off & picked them up too for their first day!! He did pretty good 🙂 isn’t he cute??

Hope your family has a great school year!! Have a wonderful day!! 😘😘🥰🥰

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