Zoom Babyshower & backdrop fun!!

Do you have a friend having a baby this year?? How about throwing them a babyshower thru zoom?? Even if you’re just a guest it’s fun to plan like your having the party, that’s what makes having a zoom party so much fun!! It’s like 20plus friends having parties at their own house!! I’ll give you a few tips to help you throw a fun party!! Or how to make it fun, even if your just attending one 🙂

I was actually not hosting the baby shower I attended today but Ive had the honor to plan the meeting for this one!! What do I mean? Well when you have a zoom account you can create a meeting for whatever event or reason for meeting!! I love joining in the fun that way too!

I have planned many other parties including zoom parties & real get togethers before!! We had a fun zoom super bowl party!! I think there are so many benefits to having parties over zoom!! Like you can go as big as you want, you don’t have to cook for a crowd, you can be creative with entertainment, And you don’t even have to leave your couch!! 😂

Making your shower fun & exciting!!

  • Plan fun games; scavenger hunt with all things baby related
  • Baby Trivia
  • Play Guess who, baby pics!! Plan ahead & ask your guests to guess who the baby is in the picture. Present as a slide show!! Then after everyone guesses, show who everyone is!! My friend did an awesome job with that game
  • Interview the new parents, ask what their hopes & dreams are of the big day, fears.. etc etc
  • Make your occasion special by putting together a slide show with pictures of soon to be parents. And include any siblings of course 🙂


It’s so important to use visual aids just like you would a regular party!! It makes the occasion just alittle more special!! Balloons are great!! Yes even on zoom!! It makes for a fun atmosphere!!

  • Add balloons
  • Banner
  • Fans
  • Baby Pacifier, baby bottle prop, diapers.. etc etc

Here’s my backdrop!! What do you think? I picked up items like the banner & baby bottle centerpiece from Hobby Lobby, the removable hooks from the dollar store, & balloons at Walmart. I also mixed and matched with things I already had at hand 🙂 Be creative!! Have fun!!

You can also order something similar at Amazon, here are some ideas if your looking for decorations!! Included are affiliate links; that’ just means if you decide to order from here, I get a small commission. Thanks you in advance 🙂




One thing I like do is make sure I have a special snack for the function!! We made oatmeal bites & chocolate truffles for this shower!! How about a cake or special drink 🙂 or what about bringing over something for your couple?? 🙂 So even though you can’t share your goodies with all your guests, your household will benefit & the couple you bring something to will also!!


Plan a baby gift drop off time, or have your couple register at their favorite store, or online retailer like Amazon. I love ordering from Amazon, it’s super easy & they can deliver in a few day!! For boys I love boys gifting dress suits!! I Love love love them 🙂

So I hope you liked some of these tips, have a wonderful time planning & enjoying your party!!

Thank for visiting, have a fun time!!

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