So much fun learning, a fun twist for kids to learn Multiplication tables!!

Have you heard of, it’s a wonderful way for your elementary student to learn their multiplication tables!! Dancing, counting, singing!! Love it!! Even if you already know multiplication, these are so fun to dance to!!

Like so many families, I am now a stay a home at mom and teacher as Maine is doing distance learning for possibly the rest of the school year. Officially we’re supposed to be returning May 1st, but were now faced with helping our children learn important subjects like math!! Math is my child’s least favorite subject but she’s getting it with help of these videos!!! If your elementary school child is struggling I highly recommend these videos, or making some of your own!! How fun would that be!!

I love dancing, so these videos have some pretty cool moves..

Why I think this works… they say if you want to learn a new language it is easier and you can learn the new language faster if you add movement and music, and visual learning!! I feel like it that’s why this works to help with the language of what we call Math, it really is like it’s own language!!


Why I feel this works

1) visual learning!!

2) catchy tune to help memorize!!

3) dancing, helps facilitate memorization!!


Try it with other subjects, good luck!! Have a wonderful day, happy distance learning!!



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