Lovely Winter Wonderland, our first Snow Storm!!

Hola!! How are you all? Hope you’re well, enjoying life & getting outside…. As I’m writing, I’m thinking about the lovely snow storm we had Friday & Saturday, knowing I’ll be in 80 degrees later today!! Woo hoo!! I’m excited to enjoy summer again but Honestly I love snow, & was alittle disappointed when I saw that some neighbors made snowmen in their yards, as we were busy packing 🙂 but let’s hope for another great snow storm, a sticky snow that is easy to work with!! Lol!! Enjoy having fun in the snow Maine!!

Here are some pics & a video of our storm!! It was so lovely!! Having lots of uncovered windows in your home is such a bonus, I love being able to sit in my living room & enjoy seeing the snow fall!! Yesssss! How about you? buddy loved the snow, one downfall though, he’s a ball of long fur & it acts like a sponge! So he comes in soaking wet!! Hahaha! Go figure, He’s an Australian Labradoodle & I we keep his fue Al natural!! My daughter loved to play in the snow too, I was glad she was able to do that while I was busy.

It started snowing Friday, school was cancelled which is always fun!! We had a relaxing morning & enjoyed waffles & a Mexican scrambled egg dish!! My favorite!! The snow continued through the night & the following day until about 2ish!! I love big snow flakes!! Do you?? I know, I know not everyone loves snow, & that’s ok!! I have to say I don’t snow blow, or shovel any of it… but that’s ok, hubby does that!! Yes I know it can be a chore but it’s so lovely just the same! This year my hometown in Washington has gotten more snow storms that we have, which is unusual… maybe global warming changing everyone’s climate!! Who knows but my family loves snow… but the city workers are not prepared to move snow, so it makes driving treacherous!! So grateful to public works department here in Maine!  They do such a great job & Cmp for working on restoring electricity!! We normally lose power but not this storm!! Yay! Businesses like Walmart & people we know lost power for several hours!! Awww so sorry!!


Heres a delightful video, I’m happy to share it with you especially if where you live doesn’t get snow!! I have absolutely loved making TikTok videos!! It’s so easy, & I love that you can add music easily to any video!! Yaaas!!

Cant wait to tell you
About the adventure we’re about to experience!! Let the good times Roll!! Always inspire & enjoy the outdoors 🙂 keep active & smile!!  Til next time, Have an awesome day!! 💗💗💗💗

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