Spectacular views & Butterflies!! Portland Headlight-Maine, always an amazing place!!

It was a Beautiful weekend in Maine, the weather was perfect, sunny and warm!! We visited my favorite place, Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth!! There were so many tourists there, including a close family member of mine, some may have been in town to partcipate in the Dempsey Challenge that took place this weekend, or just a fall getaway, whatever the case I always love the vibe here!! As you know we are always visiting from nearby!! Love it!

Fall in Maine is such a special time of year, and this year seems abnormally warmer than usual off and on, so surprisingly we still got to observe a beautiful Monarch butterfly or two, I thought they’d be in Mexico by now!! Lol!! Apparently they stick around till early fall, which is why we saw a few!! They are truly beautiful, it was a really special treat, my son captured this beautiful video!! Yes hes not sure if it’s male or female he says in the video, hes 11 btw!! Lol!! Hope you can take a peak…..



The boys tried fishing but didn’t catch anything but seaweed!! But thats ok, the sunset and ocean waves were beautiful and so relaxing!! Definitely worth the trip to sightsee, and do alittle fishing 🙂


The view of the Ocean and the dream like waves felt like we were at a tropical country somewhere!! Unfortunately the Ocean water next to our beaches are very cold but the views are always amazing here,  I hope you enjoy the spectacular view of the Lighthouse too!! This is just a few reasons to Love Life and think about God’s love for us!! I always feel blessed to visit such beautiful places!!

Thanks for Reading, Have a wonderful day and like always hope you can get out and enjoy nature around you and breath in the fresh air!!!

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