A hidden Gem worth visiting, Angry Orchard!! Delicious & beautiful, a Win, Win!!

Angry Orchard, Hard Apple Cider!! Yumm!!  Need I say more!! Im sure you are all familiar with this deliciously refreshing alcoholic beverage!! Happens to be one of my favs too!! So while on our visit to New York visiting the Watchtower Facilities, which has been a faith strengthening & amazing experience, we came across this cool surprise!! I had no clue the Angry Orchard Cider House is located in Walden, Ny the exact place as our Airbnb!!  


Walden, Ny!! It’s one of my new favorite places in the United States…located in Upstate New York, it’s so beautiful with it countryside views, mountains, trees, farms, river, streams, and brooks!! It’s rural at its best, or what I’ve been saying Ruralish, (not sure if that’s a word but i like it) reminded me alittle of Maine too! So Here is the setting for Angry Orchard Cider House!!


So when we first went by it, it looked like a small farm and orchard, but stopping in I was pleasantly surprised!! The Cider House is situated atop a picturesque hill! You have to drive up a dirt road, pass the awesome Tree House and wala… The CiderHouse!! And It’s definitely not a small operation like i had thought!!


Interestingly New York State is the 2nd Largest Apple Producer in the Nation. The Hudson Valley is known as the “Apple Belt” These were new facts I learned according to one of their signs!! And of course my beloved Washington state, where I’m from is the first!!


Tours: Self Guided tour available. For more information on other tours available like Tree House tour visit their website @ www.Angryorchard.com


Free Samples:  Loved the Samples!! My favorite was the Crisp Apple Cider!! Yumm!! Best part, they were free and they were a great size!! Probably all together they made up a full drink!! Yummo!!

Rustic & Modern!! Loved the Art and Rustic features here too!!


Fun Activities:  it was cool just hanging out with friends in the Patio area, sipping Cider and the kiddos playing the bean bag toss game!!


So it’s a place you must visit if you are in the neighborhood!! Great for families and/or for a fun night out!!  Enjoy your Cider when you visit Angry Orchard!! Thanks for Reading!!


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