Times Square, New York!! So fun, you’ll love it!!

We’re having a wonderful family vacation here in NewYork!! We Started out in Walden, NY which is considered upstate and rural and now we’re on our final part of the trip moving closer to the City!! With so much to do and so many options, we decided to go to Times Square first!! We had a blast!! Definitely recommend if you can go.. but if youre not able to, check out the video at the end of this post!! Enjoy!!

Absolutely loved the excitement, Lights, people… so many people!! We had no trouble finding a parking garage literally in the mist of it all but we did have a slight problem getting there!! Our GPS took us on scenic tour clear to an address similar to Times Square Manhattan but in Brooklyn!! Hahaha away from all the high rises… thats ok being it was at night and we could take it all in, like crossing the Brooklyn bridge was neat, and the view of the city over the water!!

We’re staying in Yonkers and had a couple options to get into the city but decided to drive!! Driving in the city can be pretty intense, I could have tried to take on the task but glad the hubby could escort us around 🙂 He did an awesome Job and we made it safe and sound!! Probably helps we have Maine plates and a trailer hitch sticking out the back.. lol!! We brought the work car 🙂  hahaha..

So if you get a chance to go to Times Square, it is awesome!! Especially at night!!  I took alittle video so you can check out what its like!!

It’s here at Times Square where you can also go to Theaters and shows, hence the Tittle Theater district according to research on the web… on our drive around the streets of Times Square we saw advertisements for “pretty women” musical… that would be kinda neat to go to or even another show…but traveling with little ones we will have to wait to go to any show on another occasion!!

Thanks for Reading! Hope youre enjoying your adventures wherever you may be found!!

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