Simple Ways to be Trendy & Stylish on a limited budget!!

School!! Shopping! Style!!  Maybe these are some of the things you teenagers are thinking about!! For many of us our kids are probably going back to school right about now!! Mine started today but for some of you, you’re probably thinking about what you should wear for your first day of school!! One thing I remember when I was in High school was the feeling that you had to buy new outfits for the entire school year, but not coming from a wealthy family, it wasnt easy for my mom to take us shopping , and maybe it is the same for you too!! Some things that can help you look and feel stylish is tweaking your wardrobe alittle and having alittle more confidence, i feel that combine the two and you will have a great first day, week, year in school!! In this post ill be sharing a few suggestions that can help you or family if youre on a limited budget to look stylish without spending a fortune 🙂

I was alittle late with my kiddos wardrobe this school year, but glad we had already picked up school supplies!! They mostly had everything they needed anyway just had to pick up a few more things!! So we went to our favorite place to pick up what we needed, including my daughters outfit she wore today!! So cute, a blue dress… she’s only 8 🙂

First don’t feel like you have to buy a whole new wardrobe!! Who says its that important? If youre clothes still fit you, there’s nothing wrong with that, maybe just add to what you already have!! I still have clothes in my closet from like 20 yrs ago.. its ok!!if you need some assurance, there it is!! Lol!! Taking a Fashion & Marketing class while in highschool,  I learned about having a Classical wardrobe, which means choosing styles and clothes that you can change up, accessorize and still be trendy and on point, but the garment never goes out of style, it is the essentials that you can always combine and mix and match!! And economical!! It can be that sweater you love that will never go out of style, those jeans that fit you just right, or dress or shoes you can wear with anything!!

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Remember that styles come and go but with a classical styled wardrobe it comes back again  and again.. So if you’re merely  following fads they come but they go out of style quickly and may not come back again.. so for me I try to dress in my essentials and also according to my body shape too, also i try to stick to colors that go with my eye and skin color too!! So being out of school for over 20 yrs now, I stick to this same idea!! I love buying a special outfit for special occasions though!! It’s fun and keeps your wardrobe growing and gives you options!!

So as a young person the sooner you understand this, the easier it makes life and you’ll be alittle happier and feel alittle more stylish in school!! Lol!

So i have to say my son is 11 yrs old and I love his attitude about clothing and style!! If he could he would wear the same shorts and T-shirt for the whole week, he absolutely doesn’t care!! His favorites are his favorites!! What a great attitude, he isn’t influenced by those around him, and quite frankly his classmates are the same!! Maybe its a Maine thing.. or just his age!! People are just laid back! Brands are not important!! Really they shouldn’t be, as long as you have clothes on your back, you should be happy! He is pretty young still, but for some reason there comes a time when people’s opinion and maybe the fact that people bully alittle more seems to make matters worse, dont know but nonetheless dont let others determine what we you should wear or even allow them to affect our self esteem!! Packing for our New York trip, i was surprised my son picked out all his favorites with holes or stains!! He loved them alright!! But even with drawers flowing out of so many items in his drawers those were the ones he wanted to bring!! We have retired all those by the way, I explained that its important to be clean and presentable! But it helps us see that without prior idea in our mind, its ok to wear our favorites, only if they are clean and presentable of course! Lol!!


Change up any look with accessories!! Yes any look can be changed up with earring, a necklace and bracelet, throw on a sweater and change it up in that way also!! Here I picked up some inexpensive earrings at Walmart!! So cheap but so cute!!

Bling:  Shoes!! I picked up a pair of sneakers for my daughter at Mardens!! $5.00. Brand new, Name brand high quality shoes!! Only thing is it was a little plain!! So im planning to bling it up for her!! Visit a craft store and add bling!! No worries, easy peazy!

I love Mardens!! If you have a Mardens, you can pick up cute clothing and even a designer outfit for a great price!! So look around!!  Here in Maine, there is no shortage of clothing or sales, we are pretty lucky but in some parts of the country prices are outrages!! We also have pretty awesome Goodwill’s!! And thrift shops!! Even Lawn Sales are pretty awesome here!!  We also have great Outlets too!! So no worries if you are on a limited income or your families, just spend alittle time looking for the deals!! In our congregation, we even gather clothing for friends moving into the area, its pretty nice!!

I highly recommend Walmart for trendy fashions, as well as amazon.. however i don’t recommend buying shoes at walmart because your feet are important.. maybe beach sandals but thats it..


Haircut: huge deal in this department!! Changes your look completely!!! Adds a fresh style and complements your wardrobe !! big difference for the price you pay!! New shirt can cost 10-50 dollars.. changing up your hair goes a longer way!! Even getting highlights, lowlights, cutting your bangs or growing them out!! My suggestion here is compare looks according to your face shape and bone structure!! Some cuts are better than others!! Also Salons now have stylist expertise levels, where Walmart is not my recommendation!! Frugal doesn’t have to be cheap!! In this department please go to a salon and ask for the highest level costs alittle more but well worth it!!


So you have a few new pieces to your wardrobe, accessories, maybe changed up your shoes a bit!1 And as long as you keep up with your hygiene maybe add alittle makeup if your a girl, pick your head up, smile and enjoy your school year!! If youre a boy, pick your head up too!! It’s going to be a great Year!!  School is all about learning, right!! Focus on that, enjoy your friends… dont compare!!

Here are some of my Fav’s; Comparably found on Amazon.. (I am curvy, inverted triangle so keep that in mind for yourself and your style needs) look up your style on google and choose accordingly!!




Dresses: Black Dress, and  Bright Colored one, I currently love my Fuschia colored one!!

Camisole: tanks; so important to have a great base for your clothing, camisoles and form fitting tanks help put your outfit together 🙂

Dressy Shirts:



You get the idea: but these are some of my suggestions 🙂
Accessories: Walmart, JcPenny, Amazon Online…

Try Prime Wardrobe: try before you buy if thats something your interested in!!

Have a wonderful time, being stylish, trendy and frugal!! Thanks for reading, please leave me a comment or add suggestion is you’d like  🙂

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