Loving the Spring Snow, peaceful & blissful today!!



Ahh the beauty of snow gently falling, we’re supposed to get 6 inches!! Yay!!!! A beautiful gift today, I know i know some people are alittle disappointed but it will melt real fast… I think it’s a real treat for us during the craziness of this Coronavirus quarantining… love that we can enjoy the beautiful snowflakes today!!  I’m so looking forward to playing in it tomorrow….it’s sticky snow…my kids will love it!,

My hubby made homemade bread today too!!  The kids are adjusting to our new normal of distance learning and having school at home!!  Bells did división today!! Yay!! And of course we got a little over a mile walk in…hurray!! And we even got to see some of our beautiful friends faces thru zoom for our pre trial meeting!! And I got to talk with my BFF in Washington, Loved it!! It was Truly a perfect day… hope  you had a wonderful day too!!

Hope you can continue to enjoy outdoor adventures and have fun despite this Coronavirus!! Stay safe & healthy!! Thanks for visiting 🙂 night


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