Delightful walk in the snowy Maine woods, fun despite COVID-19 era!!

I just loved waking up to beautiful sticky snowscapes!!! Everything outside was covered, trees, roads, cars, power lines, it was so beautiful!! I absolutely love snow and was delighted by our spring snow storm!! With all the stress and worry over this Pandemic it’s good to focus on things that bring us joy, and things we love!! Here are some beautiful pics of our walk in the woods 🙂

Our walk in the woods was magical yesterday because the sun was shinning brightly, it was a mild spring day and i just loved being surrounded by the beauty of snow 🙂 I loved laying in it and enjoying the peace and quiet plus birds chirping and enjoying the winter wonderland around us!! While I was meditating and enjoying my living in the moment time, My daughter loved Making and laying on her snow ball!! I had to take a picture of her after because she looked so cute…so Ya we had fun being outside!,

All our lives have been changed by this pandemic so it was just nice to to enjoy a moment or two!! It was awesome, hope you can find something that brings you joy! For some it’s fishing, running, a hobby, or for you.. maybe starting a hobby… for me it’s getting out everyday.. now more than ever I’m finding.. here are some of our pics!!



We probably won’t get much more of this white stuff but we’re so glad we could enjoy it one more time 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope your well, finding some positive moments too, have a wonderful day!!

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