Let the Sale of the apartment building Continue, and my Hero saves the day!

Hello friends! I wanted to update you on the sale of the house and inform you we are moving forward, closing possible April 25th!! We are very excited although so much needs to get done to make the transition and sale!!

The buyer requests we agreed to take care of was narrowed down to only two things. So that was a good thing… some buyers are not reasonable and will give you a huge list they want you to take care of before closing, but you don’t have to agree to anything or everything…there are a variety of articles out there helpful to making a good decision in deciding what is reasonable… notably taking care of things like electrical, plumbing or structural issues..so even thought part of the request was unreasonable, both parties agreed to the two things…one was important the other very minor.. so in the end we were both satisfied 🙂

Granite install Nightmare

As for the granite install dilema to the home we are remodeling and moving into, unfortunately it put us back 5 precious days! Unfortunately the day of the install the island countertop was placed incorrectly and came crashing down, it caused quite a bit of damage to our kitchen… (sad face) It broke my heart to see the pictures….. 😕

Because we need to be moved in less than two week, My husband Ryan had to just fix the damaged cabinets as best he could and replace one entire cabinet.. we are also getting a quote to fix the huge gauges to our hardwood floor!! What a Bummer!! 550+lbs is pretty heavy!! Sadly two people was not sufficient for the job…. for this job at least 3 people should move such a heavy rock….or 4.. the company is sending 4 next time!

The best part of the whole thing is my husband Ryan worked tirelessly to repair the damage and did an awesome job!! You can’t even tell the cabinets were damaged… just don’t bring a magnifyinh glass when your visiting…. lol….Good job honey¡!

Another great thing is the company is replacing the island Monday and giving us compensation to fix our kitchen¡! Thank youuuuu!!

In My next post I will share with you my favorite part of that install gone wrong¡! At least one thing made me smile¡!

Thanks for following along!, Have a wonderful day!!


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