Hey why not take a jog before the storm, my jog with Bruno!

Hola guys hope you’re enjoying the snow today!! Yesterday though was so different, the temperature was pretty mild & the skies were clear, blue even!! Often isn’t that the case it’s so calm and then the weather changes 🙂 but oh how fun it is to play in the snow 🙂 also to get your exercise & enjoy a winter jog!!  We need to enjoy both don’t we while we can!! 

Winter jogging is so much fun!! All that is needed is some good gear! Just a few pieces in your wardrobe to be comfortable while you run! Which includes Layering for warmth!!  I wear my ski pants just because I get so cold and tend to warm up close to the end of my jog sometimes!! lol 

Jogging inspiration!! Bruno loved his winter jog too!!  So we had a wonderful winter jog & enjoyed the beautiful calmness, blue skies & clear roads before today’s storm!! Hope you are having a great day & enjoying the great outdoors!! 

Winter jogging gear ideas;



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