A Challenging 47-Mile Bike Ride Through Nature

It was Memorial Day, when 3 crazy people including myself set out on a 47 mile bike ride!! So this story begins after a wonderful 3 day convention, it was a busy weekend but years ago my husband always wanted to do this ride, & he chose Memorial Day!! It was a challenge he has accomplished many times!! However I’ve only attempted it once over 10 years ago & only made it 30 miles, even though i always thought it was 25!! But this time things were different!! I had better gear, more knowledge about bicycling & I am in better shape!! So did I make it, read on & find out & you’ll find out in my last live video!! Lol!! 

You may be thinking how could you possibly ride that many miles on a bike!! I know it’s a lot!! But Many people participate in challenges. One in particular is the Dempsey challenge!! You can ride 10, 25, 50, or 65 miles!! It’s a wonderful event!! Everyone takes rides for different reasons!! I hope one day to plan a ride to benefit my family & others in need but this ride was to just make it!! 


So heres the first live!!


Here’s the second 


& third answers the question, did I make it!! Hahaha



After watching you now know I made it!! My father in law, bless his heart was on stand by for my call of distress! That is in case I couldn’t go on any longer!! But he didn’t have to come out & rescue me!! Woo hoo!! 

We saw beautiful scenery, fought going up hill, & listened to motivating music the last 15 difficult miles!! I’m not ashamed to say I even walked my bike at times!! lol!! Hey sometimes you know your limits & have to adjust!! Lol!! But we slept so good all three of us!! I could barely walk after but felt accomplished to finally make it!! Hurray!! Will I go again?? I’m not sure at this point,  but that question makes a story &  a great topic for another story!! Lol!  

Im so grateful to all the motorist that kept us safe!! Some of the roads ventured were tight for sharing the road with bicyclists!! But everyone was safe! Yay!! 

My Basket

So we bought this basket for my bike awhile ago!! It has its benefits but it also obscures the view of my cellphone camera, that’s probably the greatest downfall.. lol! But I loved it because it held my backpack when I needed more strength to go on!!  It’s helpful when you’re carrying things back & forth!! & for shorter rides especially!! 

Here’s a link to bicycle accessories that I think would be helpful & the basket is included!! I wore bike shorts  if it’s important that they aren’t too tight fighting especially around your legs!! I loved my Fila sport windbreaker!  It was bright but we wore hi visibility vests as well!! 

My Amazon storefront 



So thank you for following along!! This chica is going to be resting  the next couple of days!! 🙂  another post to follow of some of the beautiful spots we visited along the way!! 


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