Horsetail Falls Oregon, a Beautiful Waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge!!

Here’s alittle travel inspiration for you!! Oh my gosh!! Wowza the Columbia River Gorge was designated a National Scenic Area…. and theres no wonder why!! All along this highway, you can see what seems like larger than life Mountains, hills, cliffs, & many waterfalls with Multnomah falls being one of the major ones!! Cant help but enjoy the beautiful landscape here & horsetail falls is such a beautiful Waterfall!!

Reasons to Love Horsetail Falls!! 

Horse Tail Fall, is a waterfall with surroundings imitating a horse’s tail, super cool!! Sadly we couldn’t do all the waterfalls in this area because we were passing thru heading to Idaho & visiting the hot springs!! This Gorge area is certainly a wonderful & worthwhile place to explore and make time to stop in, do a hike or two or more & enjoy the amazing views!! I think I’d like to do that with the family next time!! My favorite waterfall here was Multnomah falls which is absolutely gorgeous, however i fell in love with this smaller waterfall too, because  you can experience it from the roadside & at a closer distance!! There is something spectacular about waterfalls isn’t there?? Isn’t it lovely!! 



So if you’re in this area, hope you can explore all the wonderful waterfalls!! Take the time to explore the area you live aroung, I’m sure it’s a great place!! Have a wonderful day.  Where are you going this summer!! Stay turned I’ll fill you in to where we I’ll be going!! Fun fun!! !! !! 

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