Wonderful walk along the lake, sunshine felt great!! Exercise fun despite cold weather!!

Yes what a wonderful day off!!  Time to rejuvenate the mind, get some exercise and enjoy the visitas!!! I Especially noticed the trees today, the way they allowed the view of the lake to peak thru, as their leaves have fallen off, allowing the view to be seen behind them!! Also loved the color of the sky and lovely sunshine!!

It definitely is not easy to get outside when it’s cold but let me tell you, it’s so worth it!! I have to be honest I had to mentally prepare myself because I hate being cold but it turned out to be a pretty mild day!! 29 degrees!! So after I dropped the kiddos off at school, off I went…it was an amazing walk!


2 miles baby!! Feeling proud, except for all the layers and head gear I wore wasn’t too stylish!! But I was toasty warm so I’ll take it!! It’s important to wear something to cover, nose, and mouth because cold air can affect your lungs, especially if your an asthmatic like me!! At one point I did have to put my hood on but at the end of the trail I had to take it off!! Feet, hands and everything else was fine!, yee haw,, so important to celebrate every victory, you made it past your door!!!

The trail I walked on as you can see was pretty good and mostly bare, except a few patches of snow and ice, but the further down i got It looked like it hadn’t been plowed but it was easy enough to walk on with running shoes.. it’s a good idea to carry crampons or traction for your feet if there is more snow and or ice on your trail, Also hiking shoes are a good idea, however if you plan to run its better to get some kind of traction on your shoes.. it’s really personal preference and how things feel when you walk and or run!!

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your outdoor adventure!

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