The Maine Whoopie Pie!! A delicious and classic Maine treat!!

Before I moved to Maine, I had no idea there was such a thing as a whoopie Pie!!! This is a classic here in Maine and New England, desserts that look like two soft cakes shaped like cookies with frosting in the middle!! It’s not a cake nor a cookie but a whoopie!! The traditional whoopie is chocolate with white filling!! However there are also variations like pumpkin..

In 2011 it was recognized as the official Maine Treat by the Governor!! Blueberry pie being the official dessert!!

There are many recipes for whoopie pies on the internet so I decided it was time for me to make them for myself and the family!!

The neighborhood store a block from us makes a delicious pumpkin whoopie that I decided I needed to try to replicate!! I was in need of a sweet tooth splurge and knew the kids would love them as an after school snack too!! Hopefully soon I can share the recipe with you,  But today I’ll show off the yummy goodies I ended up with!! Just know that Yes, It’s totally doable to make your own!!

They came out delicious too!! Close to the store bought ones except I still need to perfect the filling… I made a vanilla buttercream type but traditionally you’re supposed to male with fluff!! Another Maine favorite!! Lol!!, I will definitely try again using this recipe!!  I made 12,,, my hubby took some to work, my family enjoyed some and froze some for another occasion we crave something sweet! yumm!!

Or for football night!! Yummo…

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!

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