Breakfast for Dinner! Easy & delicious party idea!! It’s even better when your friend does the cooking!! Yay!!

So If your like me, don’t you just love going out for breakfast!! Well what about having a big Breakfast for Dinner, and you don’t even have to leave your house!! On today’s post I’ll show you How easy it is to have a breakfast for dinner Party!! Complete with mimosas and Sangria!! Super easy & super delicious!! My story has an added twist, and when your friend does the cooking… yeeessss



I love that I have such kind, generous and fun friends, especially ones that will be the chef at your house!! Thanks bunches Pete, you’re the best!! Thanks for bringing the party to my house!! We loved it!!

What a wonderful ending to a wild week!! Selling the apartment building and now sickness….. thanks for cooking for us tonight Pete!! Sometimes we just need to be spoiled alittle!! You can come over and cook anytime….My husband and kids loved the bacon and ham and all yummy foods he cooked tonight!! I especially loved the   whole wheat pancakes topped with coconut whipped cream and strawberries and can’t forget the yummy eggs he made me!! So much yummy goodness with Mimosas and can’t forget Sangria with strawberries!!

Chef extraordinaire!!
My Plate… eggs with salsa and hot sauce on a corn tortilla… wheat pancakes with strawberries and coconut whipped cream.Yumm!!




It was a real treat for my kids and hubby to have bacon and ham… I’ve been trying to cook mainly chicken and turkey in my home ….so my husband absolutely loved it!!

Easy Breakfast list for your menu


meat lovers… bacon, ham, sausage

Healthier alternative…turkey sausage

cheese for eggs

drinks: milk, orange juice

sangria, mimosa ( orange juice and half wine)

pancake mix…

fresh fruit; grapes, watermelon, strawberries

whipped cream; regular or non dairy coconut whipped cream ( super delicious)

additional toppings; butter, jam, maple syrup… ketchup, hot sauce, salsa,

corn and or flour tortillas!!


We truly had a feast, and alittle something everyone loved! We had a blast in the kitchen too!

Wanted to share this memory with you and easy get together idea!! Fun & easy… everyone will love it! Thanks for reading, following and liking my posts! Have a wonderful day!





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