How to have an active way of life & ultimate frisbee training


Have you been able to get outside & enjoy the gorgeous weather yet?? It’s been soooo nice getting back to walking & jogging outside hasn’t it?? We’ve been able to take one mile walks & even walk/jog 3 miles 🙂 yay!! Buddy absolutely loves it too!!  No worries if you haven’t either because you can start and it doesn’t take much!! 

Some people start, like maybe a resolution in January to get more active & then it fizzles away!! I had a goal for my trip to Aruba to get more active for that special occasion then life happened & sickness & my asthma interfered but I’m determined to get back out there!! The weather is warmer & my lungs are better 🙂 yay!! I have a couple other motivators as well as I’ll explain 🙂 but you can also get more active just because you want to feel better & be healthier 🙂 

I’m so excited that I officially have an ultimate frisbee team!! I’m hoping to get us ready for the June 3rd tournament,  I’m so excited about that!! So for me & my team, exercise it is!! Let me tell you if you think age is the problem, It doesn’t have to be.. I’m 45 & I think I’m more active than ive ever been!! Woo hoo!! I think having teens is helpful though!!  We have to keep up with them!! 

Part of that team includes my husband & daughter!! Yay!! My son already belonged to a team!! Boo.. but that’s ok!!

Are you familiar with ultimate frisbee?? We’ll it definitely is not a slow paced game, but it’s like all high impact sports but it is considered a no contact sport!! It entails a lot of running & catching & guarding those you’re covering!! It also involves playing as a team 🙂 it involves 7 players on each team 🙂 & basically like football it’s about getting to the end zone to score a point!! I’m very excited to jog with my team & play as a team 🙂 I have to say we have a pretty fun group 🙂 and can’t wait to just have fun together!! I believe winning isn’t everything, it’s about having fun!!  Woo hoo!! 

Getting active

Isn’t it true that sometimes we need just alittle motivation to get moving?? I know I need it too!! I especially love social media with all the amazing people that run races, marathons, do wall Pilates.. etc etc!! Have you thought about getting even 5 mins of walking into your day?? Can you walk around your block?? Do you have a treadmill? I’m not fond of treadmill walking or wasn’t a fan until I got sick & had to move my walking & jogging indoors!! So go ahead, get a treadmill if you need to!! Maybe you don’t have the space? Money?? You can do stretching videos, sit ups, work out videos or even chair exercise!! Isn’t it true we can Do even alittle something to move our bodies & burn calories 🙂 tone up & lose the belly!! A combination of a healthy & balanced diet & exercise is a perfect combo to manage a healthy weight!! 

You can do it, you can get out and exercise!! We can do it together!!  Lets let it be our lifestyle, an active @ healthy one!! You got this!! 

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