How to make an easy and budget friendly baby shower backdrop!!

Congrats to my friends Estefania & Gabriel!! We can’t wait to meet the baby boy!! Do you have a baby shower coming up & want to make a photo backdrop on the fly & on a budget!! With a few essential items like a stapler & tape & trip to the dollar store…you can create something cute!! Heres an idea you can use to make your own backdrop!!


Baby Shower Backdrop 

I love making my backdrops because I love being creative!!  For this backdrop I needed a stapler, scissors & tape!! I’ve been loving making backdrops out of plastic tablecloths so this is just another design I thought came out cute!!   We had limited space on this one so it was tacked onto the wall but it could have been hung on backdrop stand as well!! 

Dollar store items 
  • 5-Plastic table cloths (2 gold, 3 blue)
  • Oh baby letter banner 
  • 2 packages garland- its a boy decoration string
  • Gold Ribbon 
  • Mom to be Sash for momma!!

I purchased balloons at hobby lobby but didn’t end up using them but you can make a mini balloon garland  🙂 with them if you desire 🙂 


Cutting, layering, making ruffles & stapling!! Attach everything to as you go & add the Gold ribbon to bring everything together!! Place your dangling decoration strings on both sides of the backdrop making sure they are evenly distributed at both sides 🙂 making sure to tape string onto the backdrop!! Then scrunch the remaining 2 tablecloths- one blue & one gold across the bottom 🙂 on the floor!! 


1-cut table cloths.. 8 inches off each!! Without using a measuring tape it is the size of the fold!! So one fold size!! These you’ll use for the top! It will be its own section! 

2- the remaining 2 blue-1 gold table cloths will be 100 inches! Cut each in half! 

3- staple the top of the halves together.. then make a ruffle to add to the first section! Attach!! 

4-attach the gold ribbon to the top & back, sandwich the tablecloths! 

5- attach the decoration strings, add to both the right and left evenly 

6- attach the oh baby by taping to the back securing to the tablecloth!! Remove the string! 

7- scrunch the remaining tablecloths to floor spreading to look fabulous!! 

Then enjoy!! Here’s the happy couple!! 



This was the main backdrop down below, isn’t it beautiful?? It can be purchased on amazon; it’s the we can bearly wait backdrop….my friend Claudia put it together as well as the other baby shower decoration!! The balloon garland was awesome, It was totally worth the time & effort!! 


 It was perfect for our friends fun baby shower!! Thanks Elen for hosting!! It was a huge success!! Hope yours is a success too!! 🙂 



To find the Teddy bear, we can bearly wait backdrop & balloon garland follow this link! Thanks! & have fun!!

Baby shower

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Did I ever tell you that  I love making TikTok videos, & inspiring others!! Thanks to everyone that liked this video.. 

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