Kids absolutely love bicycling, a free & fun family activity!!

It felt so good to be outside!! Fresh air, Fresh thoughts!! Loved the breeze and overcast skies….

It was a perfect day for bicycling today!! A cool 59 degrees here in Maine!! With a day off and chores done for the day, we geared up and went for a bike ride/walk and stroll for Bruno(Chocolate Lab mix)!!  Even though we had a mix of activities going on at the same time the kiddos Loved their bike ride today!!  Bicycling really is such a fun and wonderful way to get the kiddos out and about or ride as a family!!  It’s simple and with gear purchased beforehand, it can be done for free!! Yay!! Who doesn’t love that!! So the investment is definitely worth it!!

what’s  needed:

  • Bicycle:  purchased new or check out your local Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Local paper for used items…Yardsales is another low-budget way to find a used bicycle!
  • Helmet: probably purchase new at your local walmart, or department or bicycle shop.. Mardens had helmets for sale recently(Mardens is one of my favorite stores here in Maine-inventory changes often)
  • Water bottle and/or snacks for long trips or dependent on needs of your children!!

Living in town we ride around to the park nearby and my kiddos love riding around the football field, today we rode to the Riverwalk and enjoyed the beautiful views of the river and love riding across Railroad Pedestrian Bridge!!  We had a wonderful time!!

We decided to take Bruno Along today so my husband and I walked along side the kiddos while they rode thief bikes. We walked a total of 3.2 miles and kids rode their bikes the entire way!! We celebrated with a small bowl of Maplewalnut ice cream for a job well done!! 😋 yummo!!

Hope you can get outdoors and benefit from the fresh air and beautiful scenery your Town, City or Country has to offer 🙂 best wishes-gisel

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