Kids love flowers!!


Kids really love flowers dont they!! This is a flower my bella gave me, funny thing is she picked it from our back yard!! It was the cutest thing, she goes outside before our bike ride and comes in with this beautiful Iris!! She says, “look mom what i found in our yard”!! I say, “ that so nice hun, it will grow back again, its a bulb”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she’s not supposed to be picking and cutting the flowers from the yard!! Lol.. I probably should so she doesn’t collect other peoples flowers!! Hahah..  we have so many wildflowers growing here in maine, I’m sure to a child its free picking, right!!  The other thing is i planted my bulbs and flower garden before children, so she absolutely had no idea we had planted them.. with a hectic life now i really need to tend to my yard!!

So for now enjoy the beautiful Iris right from my backyard! ! Have a wonderful day!! 😘😘🌞 have fun in your garden!!


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