Can you have a Project (s) to instill joy and Hope while you “stay at home”?

Wowza, today was an activity filled day, starting with a routine oil change that lasted two hrs… yikies, our walk and then the news came after 3pm!!! Our stay at home order will be extended til May 31st!! It was sad & surprising, but also a relief because many people are still being adversely affected…so many feelings all at the same time!! However one good thing is that we are safer at home!!

So thinking about the positive we can think about how we can use our time and our children’s time in a fun and creative way…  I love how my sons language arts teacher is asking for her students to write about taking on and writing about projects that would instill joy and hope!! So why not have a project of your own especially now that we’ll be at our home for another month if not more 🙂

I’ve thought and started a couple for myself!! One is gardening and another is making a small outdoor patio space!! Btw the invisible fence is in and has worked beautifully!! Our dog will not be going into the road again,, he’s so traumatized by his practice lesson he didn’t even want to go out our door on his first lap around… poor thing..



RC Plane


My son has chosen making a RC plane as a project it is a ft mighty mini Corsair 4 channel it is made out of dollar tree foam board and hot glue it has a 800 MAH battery and a 2200 kv motor with 30 amp ESC (electric speed controller) the controller is a flysky fs-i6x he is thinking about putting a FPV camera on it that is hooked to a monitor instead of FPV googles because it is more fun to show other not just your self  …

he’s been working on it for weeks! It hasn’t taken its maiden voyage because the motor and electric speed controller he bought came with two test props so the first crash it just popped off and some guy on amazon said that it will break if you look at it hard hahahah so he has to wait a week for the new props and shafts to come in just in case haha 😂 and he is also figuring out how to use the controller in conjunction to parts of the plane. he used “servos”, I wasn’t even familiar with this terminology and I didn’t even know he was!! Lol!! He helped me write parts of this paragraph if you didn’t guess it already!! Lol!! He’s so cool!!

So whatever project you are interested in, I hope you have a wonderful time doing it…I hope the next days and weeks are fulfilling and enjoyable for you!! Have a wonderful evening!!


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