Dog therapy!!Bruno at the bus stop!! Cuteness overload!!

Goodmorning!! I hope this special boy brings a smile to your face!! This morning he made me so proud, he was kind and gentle with the kiddos at the bus stop, even though he was surrounding by so many little hands 🙂 and a couple dogs that wanted to play, Bruno was so good!! A five yr old even tried to ride him like a horse!! And even tried pulling his tail!! Lol!!Bruno was very calm and gentle thru it all, Yay!!


I hope to get him certified to be a Good Citizen at Petco!! Our training starts at the end of the month! I would absolutely love him to become a therapy dog!! We will see if he is able to achieve this!!

I feel that animals can be so therapeutic and bring people comfort and smiles!! Just like a teddy bear would when someone’s sick and/or recooperating from illness!!

I feel like Bruno is a therapy dog already in our neighborhood!! When we take him for a walk, many people know him by name and some neighbor kids want to pet him!! My husband gets alittle jealous because he’s known as Bruno’s dad!! Lol!! Or is referred to as “young man”!! Lol!! Bruno even thinks everyone wants to pet him so he’ll try to great everyone he meets!! Oops.. unfortunate he’s learning that not everyone loves dogs!! And that’s ok!!


Bruno is already getting practice with my daughter when she-reads to him!! It’s the cutest thing!!

There are dogs that go into the public libraries so young children can read to them!! This is so encouraging to children and boosts their self esteem!!

I hope you have a wonderful day Bruno, says hello too!! Lol!! Ok he would if he could!! Lol!!

Thanks for reading!!

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