Walk On!! Don’t let your obstacles keep you down!!

Its so true sometimes we have challenges!! Sometimes they may feel like hurdles!! In life we have so many things that can help us like the avenue of Prayer and of course our spiritual guidebook the Bible, also knowing We always have our Heavenly Father by our side can be oh so helpful!!

With exercise we may have some obstacles too!!! Could it be a disability? Injury? Not enough energy? Our Mind? Depression? Would Rather watch tv? Would rather Stay home? Well, the list can go on and on!! Yes we all have a struggle to keep active and motived!! Isn’t that the truth!!

Walking is a wonderful thing because its so easy to do!!

One nice thing about walking is that it is low impact so its a wonderful form of exercise even with a disability!! !According to WebMD, walking may prove helpful to those who suffer from arthritis and other ailments!! Yay, thats a plus!! So check with your doctor he may allow you to use this form of exercise!

Again another nice thing is that walking is free and you can do it anywhere and for how ever many minutes you would like to walk for!!! I cant stress that enough!! No gym membership or annual fees!! That’s great isn’t it?? Yup!!

So thats why im encouraging myself to walk and others too!!
So for my progress: Last week I walked  four days out of seven! Yay!! The other two day no walking and .. one day i did classical stretch!! So i missed technically 2 non exercise days!! I’m pretty proud!!

Sad part though is today I had a DR’s Apt.. my osteopathic doctor did an adjustment. Ive been seeing him for a few things, one of which is pain in my right hip. My last adjustment which was a few months ago didn’t go that great, i went in for hip pain and it causes my hip to hurt even after the adjustment!! Today the doctor discovered i have Brusitis!!!! Hmm. So icing and low impact for me. No running for a while but walking yes! I was alittle discouraged about not being able to run right now but I’m glad i could still walk!

Actually since i started walking regularly my hip feels better, I’m pretty happy about that!! Also another good thing.. I’ve lost 7lbs since my last visit!! Wow!! What a diffence a little change in your diet and regular exercise can make!! Great!!  I was a bit surprised he diagnosed me with this problem though!! I’m glad i didnt cancel my appointment, my hip was feeling better 🙂

So whatever your challenge, whether physical or emotional!! Walk on friend!! Walking will help clear your mind, and while you walk meditate on something good, like  a scripture, something positive and that will keep you going too!! That’s what I will try do when Im walking alone!! It may not be 2 miles each time I walk, but I will walk On!!

In the tune of Dory, from finding Nemo!! Just keep walking, just keep walking 🙂 lol!!



Today I walked with my little girl!! She’s so cute!! Love her to pieces!! Love both my kids, but today was a special time spend just her and I!! Next time it will just be my son and I!! Love it!!I love bonding with then and hearing all thier stories over a nice walk!!! They really open up!! So much fun!!

Thanks for Reading! Hope you can also continue your walking journey despite your challenges!!



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