Walking Challenge!!! Walk your way to better health!!

The last couple of days the weather had been so beautiful here in Maine!! This morning was especially nice with temp being apx 67!! Love it!! So off for a walk we went, I brought Bruno along!! He’s my chocolate lab mix, still a puppy and full of energy!! It was great for him and for me!!

Art, a fella I wrote about earlier this week has inspired me to try to walk daily! Art an older gentleman has walked daily for yrs, not missing a day even in snowy weather!! Hes lost 50 lbs changing his diet and exercise! I’ve only missed a day since I’ve met him and its only been 4 days!! Lol!! I’ve wanted to have a daily exercise routine anyway but his story was just so inspirational to me!!

Last winter I suffered an injury and have not been able to get back to running or regular walking but I think im mostly healed but not being in the habit of getting out It definitely has not been easy getting out the door!! Also having a family and many responsibilities it makes it challenging!! Maybe it’s not easy for you either, to get outside and take a walk/run or go to the gym!! But one step at time!! You will get there!! Earlier this year i wrote about getting back into shape, and there are very practical things you can do to get yourself more active, and make small changes like drinking more water etc. Etc. So you’ll be on your way to feeling great!!  You can take a peak at that blog if you want!

Another thing I have changed, is my diet!! I am now what’s called a Flexitarian!! I can eat meat, Im not allergic by any means but prefer to eat it occasionally!! I’m Trying to avoid red meat, and high fat foods!! It’s helped me so much with my acne and asthma!! It was a surprising find for me!! Unfortunately being 40, last year i ended up with a terrible acne breakout and later encountered a clear skin diet that has helped me tremendously!! It was a 6 week plan.. I noticed a difference in a week or so,,  the other nice thing about eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains is that you naturally lose weight!! I’m very happy with the results!! So with a change in diet and exercise im feeling great and felt I have lost some weight too!! I would tell you how much but I need to buy a new scale!!lol!!

This is a great book, it helped me see the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.. like i said i now limit my red meats and when i eat meat i try to eat chicken and lean Meat and control my portions!! Which i didn’t before!!lol anyways if your into low fat vegan or adjusting your diet I absolutely loved this book!! Recipes are included too!!

But my main goal however is toning up! It’s always been my problem!! So for now walking is what im into and feel its a wonderful thing for everyone especially to prevent health problems like diabetes and heart issues!!

So since I’ve met my friend Art.. we walked a few more times and just missed a day!! 2 miles each time!! I may have to shorten my walks to let my foot get a little rest and allow it to heal a little more.. we will see..

Also regularly walking can be so great for your family too!! Why not take an after dinner stroll!! The family will love it, and your fur family will too!!

You can start with 5, 10, or 15 minute increments  and work your way up!!

Why love walking? How about for the Fresh air and Positive thoughts!! Love it!! This morning’s find, a lovely bright Lilly!! So cute!!


So if you’d like to join me in trying to walk everyday!! I would love it!! Maybe at the end of the year..  A great idea is keep track of your walking in your calendar….write down the number of mins or miles you were able to walk outside, gym or mall…..compare week to week and see how you can fit more time in if you want to!! a further challenge the following year you can try to break that record as a whole or month to month! I think you’ll have a lot of fun trying this!! I love looking back at my walking log i had years ago!! Then it turned to a running log!! Maybe one day yours will too!!

Best wishes!! Thanks for reading.. would love to hear your thoughts or if you want to walk along,,, drop me a line from time to time!! You’ll have an instant walking buddy!! Let me know how you’re doing!!

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