Keep it simple, you can’t do everything!!

I love getting inspiration from others, and today i got some very good advise!!

“Keep it simple”, “You can’t do everything” so so true!! Why is it easier said than done? Because its so true we want to do everything, but it isn’t realistic, puts heavy pressure on us and causes us to burn out!! So why do we keep trying to everything? Maybe we need these reminders!! And then more reminders!! Lol!! So here’s one for you and me!! Lol!

This afternoon at the post office, you could really tell I was a bit out of it! Lol! I ask the man for a self addressed envelope!! Lol!! He says, “do you mean a self stamped envelope?” I say yes im sorry thats what I meant!! Lol!! He totally understood i am sleep deprived!! And under some stress with all the projects we have going on! Lol!!

So this post office fella gave me some very good advise today!! Thanks buddy!! It’s good advise for all of us, to keep it simple and realize we cant do it all!! I’m going to try to remember and apply this!! Hope this has been helpful to you also!! Thanks for Reading!!




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