Why love Fall Weather & Leather Jackets!! Looks you’ll love!!

With temps dropping to the 50’s and 60’s after a recent 90 degree day!! This girl and many others are coooold!! Brrr… the rain is making today alittle dreary too!! But there are so many things to love this time of year, like everything pumpkin and spices, apple picking fun and cant forget about the beautiful fall foliage!! I also love eating Turkey and Turkey dinners!! Also a great time for a hike!!

Some great things to look forward too for sure!! Being positive about things you cannot control will help you get thru whatever comes your way, right!! So thats what we’ll be, positive!! Right? Right!!! What do you look forward to during the fall season??

Another thing I discovered the other day was this time of year is great for Leather!! I threw on my white leather jacket, I bought it at Wilson leather years ago, its super cute but didn’t really know what time of year to wear it!! I havent’ worn it much, and kinda forgot about it…So the other day it started out alittle chilly, it was alittle to cold for a very thin coat and not that cold for a heavier coat puffy or long coat, so it was in my closet and proved the right thickness for the temp, and when temps warmed up, I could take it off!! Yay!! So here’s a picture of my coat… and one like it on Amazon 🙂 if its something you’re interested in!! And a couple more favs!!  It’s a wonderful thing to add to your fall wardrobe beside sweaters and legging!!  Wilson Leather is also available on amazon too, which is pretty cool.. just look up your favorite style and color 🙂 here are a few ideas… i think a pink leather jacket would be cute even!!


This ones super cute!!

So this is not leather but you get the same look as leather: the white is similar to my coat 🙂

They say if you’re cold, just throw on a blanket right?  My daughter is so funny, she’s been alittle cold lately and in the mornings she’s been sneaking in bed with me, so when were downstairs we’ve been using throw blankets to be nice and cozy! My son brings down his regular blanket..lol! So anyway one day she used a throw-blanket to cover the dog and take a picture of him!! So cute!! So we could say, “even Bruno’s cold”…hahahaha. I thought that was cute, just a cute story to go with our fall theme!! Lol!!

Brunos’ cold too!! Lol!! Just kidding but isn’t he so cute!!

So hope you all enjoy this seasons adventures and yummy treats and outdoor fun!! And  have fun with your wardrobe choices, and if you do decide to buy a leather jacket, Have fun changing up your look!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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