Delightfully Sunny and full of Gratitude Walk & Exercise motivation!!

Today I took a walk that inspired me so much, it was a nice surprise to see Walton’s Elementary schools displays along the River Walk to inspire thankfulness in the community! Loved, loved, loved it!! The pics will just melt your heart, it did mine!!

Life is also a lot better when you can get outside and out of your head and especially if you’re experiencing pain, and focus on other things like what you’re thankful for!! what are you thankful for?? Its hard to be grumpy when you see such beautiful expressions from little hearts too!! I think you’ll enjoy the pics !!

What I’m thankful for..

Today I can say Im So appreciative to be able to walk again, 1.5 miles!! I can’t Begin to tell you how painful the last three weeks have been after my surgery, but I was determined to feel better today…   It was a brisk but beautiful fall day and the sun was shinning brightly!!


Im so thankful for the delightful sun today!, I so enjoyed feeling the sun on my face coming thru the car window while I was parked in the parking lot along the river walk… I sat and bathed in it for awhile!! I think I could have napped in it, it felt so nice… lol!!  Sun therapy is always a lovely thing!! You should try it!! Take it all in and see how it makes you feel???…

What I’m thankful for picture inspiration

ALONG the river walk you will see these precious  displays… zoom in




And also this beautiful sight..


So sweet?? Isn’t there so much to be thankful for!! I love that little ones think of food, appreciate their home, pets, counselors, teachers, life and so many more things!! They appreciate the small things, good lesson for all of us…What do you think?? What are you thankful for?

So today’s walk helped me be so appreciative of my life, my family, my home, my friends, Our Creator, and appreciate even just the little things! It was a great walk… and afterward s my Walk was really  what I needed to physically feel better too!

Walking does a body good!! Get out and do alittle walking, or a lot of walking!! Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks so much for reading and following along 🙂


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