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Today’s a very sad day for a family who lost their baby to complications from Edwards disease (syndrome) also known as Trisomy 18, due to an additional choromosome 18 causing severe developmental delays. Sadly Affecting vital organs, like the heart and brain development, she suffered from both…but Miraculously  She lived alittle more than three months! It’s unknown why this occurs in some pregnancies but it’s so heartbreaking for any parent!

I had never heard of this disease.. Have you? The web shows that most children with this disease do not survive past birth or weeks after, however some with a type of this disorder have known to survive past 21!!

However I so appreciate the strong faith this family has shown! Their hope and faith in our Heavenly Father and his future promise of a resurrection is heartwarming! It is also heartwarming to feel the love surrounding them by friends and family!! This family is Angolan, I appreciate the strong cultural ties that can be seen and felt!! I’m from a Mexican American family and I love to see and feel that they have similar ties! I wish I knew poertugese so I can comunicate  with my friend alittle more and her Angolan friends!! I get by ok with my Spanish!  Either way the family definitely needs support from friends and family under these difficult circumstances and we can show practical support for the family as much as we can!

I hope my friends can be comforted by the memorial talk taking place soon,  I know that  the purpose for the talk is to bring comfort to those in attendance too!! But it’s still very 😢 heartbreaking……

This experience makes me appreciate life and our little ones, we should treasure what we have and those around us for as long as we have them…I’m sure this family did…Make the best of our circumstances and keep a strong faith for difficult times and see the positive in our everyday life..

So if you know someone dealing with a loss or have experienced this yourself.. there is a beautiful hope ahead, may you be comforted and feel the love from your friends and family today and when you need it!!

Thanks for reading…

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