Wonderful & Refreshing shower in the great Outdoors!!

One of my favorite memories was of a trip years ago and loved the feel of showering outside, my friend had a skylight window in her bathroom right in her shower area… a skylight would be a window in the ceiling btw…I loved it! I loved the feel of being outside with total privacy, I knew nobody would see me!! So on this camping trip I concocted a hula hoop shower, it was so awesome! On this post I’ll share the pluses and minuses of showering outdoors!! It was so much fun!!


Here’s what I did I used a Hula hoop and rope to make an outdoor shower, I also made rings out of rope for the showers curtains rings.. you’ll need two regular sized shower curtains.. 2 sets of shower rings would be helpful too!! I paired the hula hoop with A camp shower bag purchased from amazon 🙂

It came out awesome!! I loved taking my warm shower surrounded by trees And open sky!! The sunshine was amazing too! It was totally private but out in the open at the same time!! I so Loved loved loved it!! The hubby loved it too!

However the only down side of this type of showering while camping is that it’s hard to predict the weather!!  Its hard if there isn’t any sun to warm your camp shower bag or If it will be warm enough to take a shower!!  Brrr…it was cold and rainy for the first few days!! So when we got a break in the weather,  I heated up some brook water in a pot on my little stove and waaalaaa perfect!!  It was delightfully refreshing to have a nice warm shower!!

Hula hoop and rope was purchased at dollar tree!! I highly recommend a good shower curtain, Amazon had a great quality one 🙂 Walmart might have something comparable 🙂 I would stay away from thin cheap material if you can..lol!!

Also showering outside is so much fun for something fun or to cool off during the summer even in you’re own yard!! Even if it’s just for fun, your kids would love it!!

Thanks for visiting!! Hope you’re having a great summer!! Have a wonderful day!!



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