“Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t”


“Focus on what you can do not on what you can’t do” It’s the best piece of advise I heard lately!! Isn’t it the truth and it makes so much sense to apply it so that we keep a positive attitude in these uncertain times 🙂 So what are some ideas that Can help you focus on what you can do??

So here are a few ideas that I’ve been thinking about as to what can you do in this Pandemic time!! How about those projects you’ve always wanted to tackle? No money? No problem, there are things you can do without mullah!! Like how about cleaning?? With alittle elbow grease and soap or cleaner, you have the ability to tackle something? What else… here are a few more ideas!!

Things you can do??


What can’t you not organize better?? I say we can always throw out junk or things we no longer need!! We can always organize a drawer, a room, garage, basement or attic!


Hey why not experiment with a new recipe? Have you  Tried making homemade bread?? The sky is the limit, just google and get your apron on!! Do you have something your making that you want to perfect?


Have you ever planted tomatoes? Corn? Used a Raised flower bed? Planted Flowers? Sunflower? It’s so much fun to become what most people are becoming a homesteader!! Lol! Not really but why not grow something you can enjoy this summer!


What a perfect time to finish up projects around your home?


Why not add alittle sparkle and glamour to something! Right now I’m working on my pallet outdoor dinning table!! It’s going to look cute!!  Or spruce up the paint on your home! Or something else!  Give something a make over? Just pick up paint and paint essentials and your off, give your home curb appeal while were waiting things out! Get painting inside or out!


what about picking up a new hobby? Or getting back into one? There’s so many things you can choose from!! Go ahead and be creative!!

Hiking & outdoor activities

This is probably one of the easiest and probably my favorite!! Getting outdoors and enjoying nature!! I love hiking, what a perfect time to climb a mountain or travel a path or two or more!! Go camping!!  Take a boat ride, rent a boat, go fishing, kayaking, running, or take a bicycle ride!!

Free Virtual tours

Have you wanted to travel but with Covid19 can’t anymore? Well don’t let that stop you, many websites offer virtual tours!! Take a MET tour, visit the Sandiego zoo, or Monterey Bay Aquarium (love this place)! Watch webcams of different animals and tanks!! Fun!!

Play Games

There are so many board games available out there!! Why not have fun with the family!! We love playing uno! What’s your favorite?

So even though we’re living in a time of great uncertainty  And many are facing challenges, lets keep up our positively by staying busy!!  We can also focus on the things we can do to pass the time and find ways to find joy everyday!! Don’t let the stress of life get to you, do something about it and do what you can then move forward and find the balance in your life!!

* also my faith and exercise has been a huge contributor to my joy, wonderful articles and positive hope for the Bible at jw.org!!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you are well, stay safe and have a wonderful day!!


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