It’s flu season, be sure to get your vaccine, a story with a twist!


Haha!! That’s exactly why I should have gotten the flu vaccine!! That’s what I thought as i was waiting at urgent care waiting to go into a “hot” room! Never been there before! Apparently it’s a room for someone with my symptoms!! I figured I had the flu.. I had all the symptoms including stomach discomfort, runny nose, headache, fever, chills, cough, sore throat…I knew it wasn’t COVID because I told the rapid test at home & it came out negative even though symptoms were similar!  Honestly when I had COVID it was nothing like this monster of a virus!! It came on fast & furious!!

So as I sit in my car waiting for a room at urgent care I reflect, and this is what comes to mind…Sometimes as a busy person, we tend to overlook ourselves, when we make sure our kids & our pets are vaccinated!! Lol🤣 I thought about it going and getting the flu vaccine, then just as quickly as I thought about I, the quicker I forgot about it! while I’ve been running around taking the kids to appointments, dog to the vet & taking meds to school for colds, I forgot!! I think I got this bug from the kids by the way 🙂 my daughter had sniffles one day last week then she was better two day later, gotta love their resilience 🙂

So while wait to make sure my lungs are ok, & I don’t have bronchitis, which I think I have… & sinus infection:) I indulge in a soy latte, topped with cinnamon powder & a drizzle of caramel!! Yumm!! At least I can somewhat enjoy this!! 😊😊

So my advice to you today, make the time to take care of yourself, get your needed vaccines to avoid sickness or to alleviate serious symptoms 😉 also take your vitamins & vitamin C & zinc 🙂 to boost your immune system 🙂

So after today I’m making a point to get my Covid booster 😉 & flu vaccine, if I don’t already have the flu.. have a nice day friends & happy football 🏈 Sunday!!


*so after visiting the urgent care:, my diagnosis is . I have RSV!! I was totally shocked, I was so certain I had the flu! Funny thing is the symptoms are the same, it even feels the same but with RSV it seemed like my head was going to burst, my sinuses hurt so was the worse headache I had in my life. I felt just like I did when I had the flu once but for a shorter period of time!! So now I’m ever so determined  that when im better I’m going out & getting my other vaccines!! Because I don’t want the flu too!! Also my asthma seems to be ok, lungs were clear she tells me even though I have wheezing spells!! I am to take my rescue inhaler as needed, continue with Mucinex & ibuprofen for the sinus pain 🙂 yay! I feel better already… you can take Musinex & ibuprofen  when you have RSV, the flu & Covid too 🙂

hope this story was helpful, I had to adapt it once I got the surprise diagnosis today!! Even though there isn’t a vaccine for RSV, be sure to take care of yourself, get rest, & take you’re vitamins 🙂

adios! Goodnight

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