Another stormy day in New England!!

Oh what beauty there is outside today 🙂 Its wonderful to see it from the inside of our warm & cozy home & watch it from our patio doors & uncurtained kitchen window 🙂 So lovely!! I think we’re getting about 6 inches!! It seems so Funny because we just had a summer like day a couple days ago! A day we took advantage of the nice weather & went to the beach, another post to follow to show you crescent beach soon!! we weren’t as brave as some friends who ran into the cooold water! Lol😂

I love that the weather was one way & seems to change often, sorta like our life!! As we watch world events we have to pray for the innocent but also keep our sense of calm & reliance on God!! Also it’s important to keep mental balance despite any challenges around us 🙂 We can have good moments & not so great ones 🙂 but we press on & make good memories 🙂 we enjoy time with family & make time to laugh alittle each day 🙂 and maybe dance alittle too!! Who doesn’t love dancing??

I’m feeling much better, unfortunately today I’m still that great but probably overdid it the last couple days! Oops! But I’m so excited to be working with an Naturopathic doctor!! She’s wonderful, I’m taking a few different things to help my Post COVID condition!! Lung inflammation is the pits but I’m glad to know they can improve!!

Our simple & quick lunch was delicious!! The kids had the week off, we had a whole wheat Turkey sandwich with lettuce bbq sauce a dash of mustard & veganaise with carrots 🙂 simple yet delicious!!

So hope you’re taking care of yourself!! Getting some fun in & enjoying the beautiful snow 🙂 & staying positive!!

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