Scotty McCreery, one of Maine’s WinterKids Heroes @ Carnaval ME!!

This past Saturday wrapped up Carnaval Maine, which benefited the winter kids organization!!! I hope they had a great 10 days from February 18th to the 26th this year!! What a wonderful closing concert featuring Scotty McCreery!! I can’t say enough about how amazing it was for him to come out & entertain us Mainers on such a cold winters day!! He truly looked like a Mainer with his hoodie & beanie too!! & I’ll say yes please come again when the weather isn’t 16 degrees!! Lol!! Also the fact that he came out to benefit such a great organization as Winter Kids!! Kuddos to you!! Plus you sounded awesome!! (Watched him when he was on American idol)💗💗💗

The 10 day event featured local artists & ice sculpting & outdoor demonstrations, & we heard Great food (sorry we ate at home this time)& we can attest to the Drinks!! My hubby was very impressed with the microbrews available!! I loved the wine I had, which was a crafters Union, Rose California!! Delicious!! Yummy!!

heres a list of other entertainers at the event

Here is a list of some of the entertainment for Carnaval ME 2022:

Motor Booty Affair
Hello Newman
Jason Spooner Band
VIVA and the Reinforcements
Children’s Museum + Theatre of Maine

Firefly of Penobscot Nation
Subzero Ice Carvings , 12/OCMAMM, Maddy’s Theatre: A Year with Frog & Toad, Sunday River Rail Jam

Winter Kids

I have to say we love winter kids, as members of the winter kids family we love taking advantage of all they offer!! I also believe all families should be able to take advantage of outdoor activities especially during Maine’s longest season!!! They help kids & families get outdoors whether it’s down hill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating & other outdoor events!! They help families rent or purchase outdoor equipment for their children at a reduced price!! A reduced price on tickets and/or rentals & keep families up to date on special offers & inform families as to deals around Maine 🙂 We absolutely love it!!

This winter because of Winter Kids we were able to explore Maine just alittle more this year!! We tried Sunday River night skiing, Mt Abram, hiked Bradbury mountain free during the winter & unfortunately due to Covid had to cancel our ski trip planned to Shawnee Peak & other mountains!! But winters not done yet & we’ll go again soon!! So I think it’s truly delightful to support a great organization like this one that helps families & young kids not only keep busy but keep active 🙂 I

wish there were more organizations like this to help young ones especially in areas where there are gang problems, to keep kids off the street & exploring nature 🙂

So If you weren’t able to attend this function and would like to donate, you can do so online at!! It’s a wonderful organization “helping kids develop healthy habits in the outdoors” 🙂 Also if you live in Maine & haven’t signed up yet, check out the website & see if it’s for you & your family!! keep up the great job Winter Kids!!

Till next year!!! Xoxo Mainechica!!



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