Happy Spring Weather, sadly ice fishing is ending & brunos agility training too!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are well!! What a gorgeous day we had today, didn’t we?? Hope you enjoyed it!! What was the weather like in your area??

Today we took a trip to Saco & also to Little Sebago in Windham Maine!! Unfortunately things didn’t end well with our dog course. Bruno, our chocolate lab/bloodhound mix, needs more training before he does agility but that’s ok, he’s just so strong, and unruly that I’m just not able to handle him. Don’t let his innocent face fool you!! Lol!! He’s a character!! Lol!!

He’s so interested in the other dogs in the class & he sadly didn’t do that well with the trainer today either. He was fine one on one & did awesome with his agility but in the end I learned something like the importance of being modest!! I’m still in my COVID recovery & beginning a new  business venture, and I just can’t do everything at the moment!!  hahaha!! but we’ll get more training for Bruno & then move forward 🙂 I really enjoyed the class, learning a lot 🙂 I’ll keep working with him 🙂

Another stop on the way home was to Little Sebago in Windham Maine, we wanted to check out the ice!! Sadly, We had a wonderful Ice fishing season but it comes to an end at the end of the month and with this warmer weather possibly sooner!! We didn’t feel safe going on the ice today, it looked pretty soft! We didn’t have an auger & planned to just take a walk, and of course take pictures, one of my favorite things.!! From the looks of things I think last weekend was our last!! Boy o Boy What an amazing weekend we had too!! Woo Hoo, Ill do a little show & tell in my next post soon!!! I was so proud of my son, he was so happy!!

Despite the Ice melting, and soft snow it was an amazing day!!  The lake was so pretty!! We’ve found another place to go ice fishing:)  next year of course!! yay!!!  Hope you like the pictures!!

If you haven’t gone ice fishing & would like to try it next year or another time, you can try smelting at the camps in Maine! or you can hire a guide!! or you can get equipment fairly inexpensively and try it yourself 🙂 The month of February, beginning of March is the perfect time too!!

So hope everyone is safe, healthy & happy!! Hope you’re able to get outside, take a walk, go for a run or just enjoy the outdoors!! The birds are singing & the sun is out longer!! woo hoo!! tata for now!!

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